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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Active Uttlesford Funding

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Active Uttlesford are inviting applications from community organisations, groups and professionals to deliver new physical activity/sports projects within the partnership’s 2020/21 action plan which aims to support the residents of Uttlesford to become more physically active in a safe environment, in line with Covid-19 guidance.

We are keen to discuss potential projects that will target the following priority groups through new initiatives/opportunities:

  1. Tackling inactivity: Inactivity is defined as doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week.  In Uttlesford, 20.9% of residents are currently inactive (Active Lives Survey). The greatest health benefits can be gained from changing behaviours so that residents who are currently inactive become active.
  2. Women and girls: Female participation in sport and physical activity is lower than male participation and currently, 36.3% of women and girls of Uttlesford residents are active once a week compared to 53% of men and boys (Active Lives Survey). Interventions may be women only and can include childcare provision.
  3. Better Health Campaign: To encourage better health through physical activity for residents who are in the vulnerable/at risk group for Covid-19.
  4. Outdoors health/Active Travel:  Encouraging residents to take part in sport and physical activity in outdoor spaces and Active Travel opportunities.
  5. Active Aging:  Evidence suggests that the older somebody is the less likely they are to be active.  A programme of sport and physical activity to include all potential abilities for residents aged 60+ such as chair based exercise, walking, cycling, multi-sport.
  6. Disabled and Long Term Health Conditions: Residents with a disability or long term health condition (Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia, CVD, MSK) are less likely to access physical activity and sport provision.

Closing date for application is Friday 19 December 2020. For an informal project discussion/an application form please contact Courtenay Mosley via email [email protected]