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Takeley Parish Council

Takeley Parish Council


Takeley Parish Council meet at 10.30am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to discuss current planning applications. Members of the public can view any comments on the Uttlesford District Council website under the relevant reference number.

Public attendees of Takeley Parish Council’s Planning meeting may speak for up to 15 minutes before the application is reviewed by council members.

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Takeley Parish Council Questionnaire

As you may know Uttlesford District Council, (UDC), has withdrawn the draft Local Plan 2019. At their meeting on the 30th April 2020 the Council resolved to develop a new Local Plan by 2023 which will embrace the requirement to deliver new housing where this is sustainable.

As a Parish Council we wish to engage with UDC at an early stage in the development of their new Local Plan, particularly in the context of new housing development. This must accurately reflect the views of those who live in the parish and we are therefore asking for your views through this questionnaire attached.

Download the Questionnaire >>

Please email  your completed questionnaire to or print and drop off at our office:

Takeley Parish Council

The Old School Community Centre

Brewers End

Takeley CM22 6SB


Stansted Airport



Airfield works comprising two new taxiway links to the existing runway (a Rapid Access Taxiway and a Rapid Exit Taxiway), six additional remote aircraft stands (adjacent Yankee taxiway); and three additional aircraft stands (extension of the Echo Apron) to enable combined airfield operations of 274,000 aircraft movements (of which not more than 16,000 movements would be Cargo Air Transport Movements (CATM)) and a throughput of 43 million terminal passengers, in a 12-month calendar period.

Letter to case officer dated 12th September 2018
Public speaking sessions November 2018


Local Plan

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 & The Town And Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, as Amended Uttlesford District Council - Draft Uttlesford Local Plan 2019

In accordance with Regulation 27 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, as amended, this statement gives notice that Uttlesford District Council has withdrawn the draft Uttlesford Local Plan 2019, which had been submitted to the Secretary of State on 18 January 2019.

The resolution to withdraw the draft Uttlesford Local Plan 2019 was made at Full Council on 30 April 2020.  The resolution to withdraw was under the provisions of Section 22 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, which provides for a local planning authority to withdraw a local development document at any time up to its adoption.

Any questions regarding the withdrawal of the draft Uttlesford Local Plan 2019 should be directed to:

Planning Policy
Uttlesford District Council Offices
London Road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER

Telephone: 01799 510510
Website: Planning Policy and the Local Plan


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